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The covered wagon bumps through the draining water, the fresh air containing iodine blows around our noses. Shortly afterwards we reach the Île Madame, a small tidal island in the Atlantic Ocean. Rare herbs such as mud grass, sea fennel, smyrnium olusatrum and quellers thrive there in the largely untouched nature. And here we are […]

On approach, I slowly open my eyes. Looking outside, I immediately get a thought: Did we catch a plane to New York…? Maybe I should have spent some time in researches on Toronto before, otherwise the gigantic scale of the Golden Horseshoe, from which countless skyscrapers rise, wouldn’t be this surprising. With the unboarding our […]

The “Spreewelten” are situated at the edge of the Spreewald in Lübbenau, only a stone’s throw away from Berlin. They advertise with the slogan “bathing with penguins” – and nowadays you can also stay overnight in the newly built hotel on the old adjoining estate. Did anybody say “penguins”? Of course we needed to see this! So […]

“In the meantime, we have been together twice in Prague and both times we have experienced ups and downs in the Golden City: the first time hot summer days and nice people compensated us for a catastrophic wheelchair breakdown, on our second visit we comforted ourselves over a small accident with the delicious Bohemian cuisine […]

With the houseboat over the Havel to the Müritz

In September we enjoyed the Indian Summer on the Havel – with a wheelchair-accessible houseboat! We have had an incredibly exciting and eventful week. To the theme page houseboat along here!

On the road in the Chiemsee Alpine country

It doesn’t always have to be the Caribbean – Germany also has a lot to offer. We were on our way in Bavaria: the Chiemsee Alpine country is a dream for nature lovers. We will take you on our trip! Join us: Here you go to the topic page Chiemsee!

Kanda: Toronto and the Niagara Falls

Off to the Wild West: We flew to Canada, explored the vibrant metropolis of Toronto, tasted maple syrup in rough quantities and visited the Niagara Falls. Click here to get more info!

Road trip through Ireland

We have taken a road trip through Ireland – wild coasts, dreamy villages, the capital Dublin, and many distilleries are behind us. Click here to get more info!

Caribbean island paradise: As a wheelchair user on Curacao

Banner: Mobilista goes Curacao

To find all the information and the live blog of our Curacao trip, click here: Click me!

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