Miscellaneous: Hotel and gastronomy

We stayed at the Ambiance Hotel, which has a clean and tidy wheelchair room. We are pretty confused why this hotel with its spartan equipment got four-stars rated, but everything was clean and well-kept. The breakfast buffet was not a sensation, but for the price it was all right.

Close to the hotel you will find the LEGENDIA bar with delicious Bohemian cuisine and cocktails at fair prices.

If you love Art Nouveau coffee houses, don’t miss to visit Café Kavárna Obecní dům at the Republic Square. Its beautiful interior is nourished by the ambience: the delicious cakes are presented and served in a serving trolley on the table!

Got hungry? Just look out for the Svatého Václava restaurant at Wenceslas Square, which attracts attention with its knight’s armour at the entrance. Her you will find hearty Bohemian cuisine partly served in the kettle or on a spit!

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